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Acoustics in a Box was initially created for one purpose only, to
create the most acoustics you could put in the smallest amount of
shipping and/or shelf space. When we got through bouncing it around some of
the greatest acoustical minds of our day, we realized there were several
needed products totally missing out of the "acoustical work box" and many
other products in existence that desperately needed improvement. The retail
acoustics market has virtually been unchanged in 40 to 50 years! The same
old flat panels and carved foam that were used in the analog era are the same
old flat panels and carved foam used today. The real world of architectural
acoustics that exists in large venues, however, has been transformed and in
further research we  discovered it has been transformed primarily by ONE
Jay Perdue has more working patents in the field of acoustics than  anyone on
the planet. So who better could we get to come up with  designs for products
that can work for the retail customer? His  patented products are absolutely
the best products in the world for  large permanently installed venues and
you'll find them everywhere;  from Universal Studios, Florida, to coliseums, to
the largest churches, to the room the President of the United States is briefed 
in before he steps onto Air Force One. So, if you need design help and a
completely professional team to help you with your acoustical needs, call the
nice folks at Perdue Acoustics and tell them we sent you.
Jay's reputation for developing acoustical products is second to  none and
you'll find these 'Acoustics in a Box' products to be at
that same high standard. Simply put, the best mind at creating  products for
the end user to plan, install and benefit from created
everything we sell here. The design criteria was simple.... "Here
are the issues people face in acoustics at the entry level. Utilize
everything you know and every product and supply on the planet to  create a
cost effective solution, no matter what or where those  components come
from." What you'll see here is the result of decades of research, development,
and creativity. You can believe in these  products AND you can believe in the
numbers on this website. They are the absolute truth in acoustics. There is a
LOT of exaggeration  in electronic and acoustic "claims" but you won't find
that here.  We'll shoot you strait and give you good information, so you can
get the job done right and know what to expect in the end result. Purchase
from our many partners with confidence. You're buying the  best and the best