Acoustics in a Box has decided to give acoustical
recommendations to our clients instead of it being strictly
self taught on line! We know your time is valuable and we
want to make it as easy aspossible for you to include an
acoustical recommendation with every one of your sound
system recommendations, so we're going to give you all the
help we can. If you'll just send us pictures of the room and
a brief description of purpose/use and dimensions, we'll
write up an acoustical recommendation for you. It won't be
a detailed recommendation with all different sized and
shaped panels with Vectorworks drawings like Perdue
Acoustics does because Acoustics in a Box is all about 
easy and inexpensive, but It will be a simple
recommendation and description of how much and where
that will make all your sound system installs sound sooooo
much better! E-mail us at
with your room pictures and descriptions and we should
have a recommendation back to you within a week. If we
can help in any other way, just let us know and THANK
YOU ALL from Acoustics in a Box! Jay