From Studio to Stage
Gobos and Asorption Walls
Engineers Note: Tests show sound level increases
approximately 10 dbm when measured in the center
focused area as compared to off axis measurement.
A Gobo is the simplest function. A 4' by either 2' or 32" or 4' can be placed in front of a guitar
amp, or any speaker or amp for that matter, and the 'V' can be broadened or narrowed to fit your
needs. If you need more width, simply use two Gobo's or more. You can add plexiglass to the
top of the Gobo and turn the amp around backwards and have an upwardly reflecting pattern
coming back at you. This pattern is controllable to a large extent by how wide or narrow you
spread the Gobo.

To create a free standing wall of absorption, a 2' plastic piece, who's cross sections is that of a
'plus' sign is laid into the 'trough' on top of the absorber unit so that one leg of the 'plus' shape is
standing straight up. Another absorber unit is then placed up-side-down to mate it's 'trough'
mate  to this plastic piece and an 8 foot high wall of absorption is created. With a little
imagination this wall can then be zig-zagged and turned into all kinds of differnent free-standing
4' X 2'    folding unit - $100.00
4' X 32" folding unit - $122.00
4' X 4'    folding unit - $143.00