From Studio to Stage
As a Wall Absorption Panel

4' X 2' folding absorber unit-$100.00
4' X 32" folding absorber unit-$122.00
4' X 4' folding absorber unit-$143.00
This kit starts out doing the absorber units primary function... a wall panel. In it's
'V' shape wall mount configuration this is not just any absorber, but the best
absorber in the world! How can we say that? Try to find another 1 1/2 inch thick
absorber that is mounted in a special way to achieve a good solid NRC 1.65... {It
was almost a 1.70!] It would take twice as many 1 1/2 inch fiberglass panels
mounted flat to the wall or 3 1/2 times as much 1 1/2 inch carved foam to
achieve that much absorption!