The World's First Sound Vacuuming,
  Absorption Doubling, Acoustical Product  Optimizer.

               The Down Sloping Wall System
with the "Black Hole Acoustics"Mounting System
Standard Colors: Light Grey, Dark Grey, Off White and Light Brown - custom colors available
Twice the over all absorption and up to 3 times the low frequency
absorption of carved foam products and flat panels alone!
First, we have the down sloping units that work with our own "Best in the world" absorbers.
The NRC is 1.65 in the middle of the wall and can achieve amazing low frequency
absorption when moved to either the wall to wall corner or the usually forgotten wall to
ceiling corner.To understand what a down sloping unit is, simply look at the pictures on this
page. That is the best way to describe "down sloping".  The picture on the above left shows
the absorbers in the wall to ceiling corner intersection and the absorbers on the above right
picture shows the absorbers in the center of the wall in the church. One box treats a home
theatre or recording studio with a 14' X 20' room. Two boxes treats a room that would be
large enough to seat 25 people, three boxes for a room large enough to seat 50 people,
four boxes to treat a room that would seat 100 people, and one box per 50 people after that.
Remeber it's about how many the seating capacity would be not how many are actually in
the room at the time. For more, on this see the installation and instruction page.

A box contains 8 specially built 2' X 4' x 1" acoustial absorbers, 8 patented "Black Hole
Acoustics"tm Mounting Systems, all necessary mounting hardware, mounting instructions
and placement suggestions for only $715.00 or we will sell a 4 panel acoustical equivlent
to what others would sell in carved foam or fiberglass absorbers for $500.00 for our price of
only $422.50!

2" thick absorbers can be purchased for extra low end absorption as well as  25% more
overall absorption for 25% more money. That works out nicely! 4 absorbers per box for
$460.50 NRC 2.05!!!

All you need is a screw driver. (A level, a tape measure and a screw gun would be nice.)
Click on an image above to view placement suggestions