Room Acoustics
with the
"Black Hole
Mounting System
We have two different and distinct products utilizing the “Black Hole Acoustics”™ Mounting System. Our
number one product is our down sloping units that work with our own “Best in the World” absorbers.
Secondly, we have a ceiling version our “Best in the World” absorbers.  The mounts attach to a common
sheet rock ceiling easily. The ceiling units have the same scientific, proprietary slope that delivers
DOUBLE the over all NRC and up to SEVEN times the low frequency absorption of other products when
mounted in any corner as a Bass Trap. How well do they work as Bass Traps? Just look at the absorption
chart to see real independent laboratory tests that prove it’s many times greater than any competitive
product. Remember, it takes both thickness and mass working together to absorb low frequency energy
effectively. Carpet has mass but no thickness. Shaped foam products can be purchased in thicker cuts,
even triangular cuts to fit in corners, but they have no mass to speak of.
The “Black Hole Acoustics”™ mounting system is a new advanced science product, not the same old
stuff that's been around for years and they work
TWO to SEVEN times better than any thing on the market at the most critical frequencies!
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Click to view placement suggestion