Mounting System

   The World’s First 
     Sound Vacuuming,
     Absorption Doubling,
       Acoustical Product Optimizer!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Everything here is the same as with the wall system EXCEPT the "Black Hole
Acoustics"™ mounting system except it is a mount that can slope vertical left to
right or right to left interchangeably as well horizontal which creates a 2' x 4' wall
to ceiling bass trap. This creates a new looking wall mount that can slope the
panels towards the platform or stage on both sides of the room, OR you can
simply mount them in any corner as a Bass Trap. How well do they Bass Trap?
Just look at the absorption chart to see real independent laboratory tests.
Remember it takes both thickness and mass working together to absorb low
frequency energy effectively. Carpet has mass but no thickness. Carved foam
products can be purchased in thicker cuts even triangular cut to fit in corners, but
they have no mass to speak of. You absolutely can double ANY product by
utilizing our mounts, but doubling some products is still not much. So our caution
to you is to CHOOSE WISELY!
A box contains 8 specially built 2' X 4' x 1" acoustial absorbers, 8 patented
"Black Hole Acoustics"tm Mounting Systems, all necessary mounting hardware,
mounting instructions and placement suggestions for only $715.00, or we will
sell a 4 panel acoustical equivlent to what others would sell in carved foam or
fiberglass absorbers for $500.00 for our price of only $422.50!

2" thick absorbers can be purchased for extra low end absorption as well as
25% more overall absorption for 25% more money. That works out nicely! 4
absorbers per box for $460.50

All you need is a screw driver. (A level, a tape measure and a screw gun would
be nice.)
Click on an image above to view placement suggestions