A multi-functioning acoustics kit this versatile is not just hard to find, it's impossible!!! The components
you'll find here go from wall panel, to Go-Bo, to vocal shield, to drum shield, to isolation box, to fully
enclosed vocal booth and even free-standing acoustical walls. Then take it all apart in seconds and they go
back in the box or back on the walls for total room control, depending of coarse on which units you get
and how many. The fully enclosed vocal booth, for instance, requires 5 4' folding absorbers with 4 2'x2'
folding plexiglass units OR 4 32"X2' folding plexiglass units. Each absorber folds                                      
in half by the patented use of an internal 'hinge', a Jay Perdue patent. This hinge is                                   
created by a special fiberglass mat that protects the entire face of the panel and                                       
then spans one side to hold it all together beautifully. A 'trough' is then routed into                                   
one end and the fabric is folded into this trough to receive the plexiglass and form                                         
a good, tight seal... also a Jay Perdue patent. All widths are 4' folding in half to 2'                                    
by either 2', 32", or 4' tall. The plexigass comes in the same sizes and folds in half                                   
as well.. Let's look at some of the variations together here...
From Studio to Stage- The
Ultimate Multi-Purpose
Acoustics Kit

4' X 2' folding absorber unit-$100.00
4' X 32" folding absorber unit-$122.00
4' X 4' folding absorber unit-$143.00.
                 Highest quality 1/4" acrylic             
4' X 16" folding plexiglass unit-$106.00                  
4' X 2' folding plexiglass unit-$158.00
4' X 32" folding plexiglass unit-$211.00
4' X 4' folding plexiglass unit-$316.00
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