Installation instructions
for the "Black Hole Acoustics"™   Mounting
System for use a Wall System.
All that is needed is a screwdriver a level, tape
measure and a screw gun would be nice.
Save Time! Read this through once before you start!
1 : With the riser laying flat on a table or floor, fold the triangular
shaped sides up with the tabs folded out.
2 : Now take the end tabs and fold them 90 Degrees.
3 : Fold the end pieces up and over the end tabs and lock the
small tabs on the end pieces into the holes provided.
4 : When you have done both ends the "Black Hole Acoustics" ™
mounting system is complete and ready to be screwed to the wall.
5 : Look at the placement suggestion plan for placement
suggestions and repeat until all the "Black Hole Acoustics"™
mounting systems are screwed to the wall.
6 : Place the riser on the wall with the thick end of the riser up.
Measure down from and 8 foot celing 7 inches and level the riser.
The riser should be 6 inches form either side of where you want
the Absorber to be placed on the wall as the panel overhangs the
Riser by 6 inches on each side.
7 : Remember we require the riser to be at least 7 inches from the
ceiling because the absorber will hang over the top by 6 inches an
it takes 1 inch for the absorber to go above the riser and then slip
down onto the support tabs of the Riser.
8 : Line the clips on the back of the absorber panel with the tabs
on the face of the riser and carefully slip the absorber down over
these tabs. They should snug down firm and level. Repeat this
simple process untill all your absorbers are hung and you are
finished!!! Listen to how amazingly different and distinct your
room looks and sounds now and enjoy this new experience in
audio excellence!!!. You just acoustically treated a room with the
best available product!!!
Click here for a quick installation video