How? By utilizing a simple folding custom stand , and hanging from
that stand four 2’ wide X 4’ tall folding absorbersor.They raise up to
9 feet above the floor to catch the most important reflections just
above head height in the room.

Where? They should be placed at the back of the room evenly
dispersed first and foremost, with a few along the side walls at a
wider spacing for total reflection coverage. Portable Acoustics units
can be placed across the back corners of the room to get twice the
low frequency out of the room per square foot as when they are
placed in front of the flat wall sections.

How many? Four absorbers and one stand come in a box and
these are made to use the same formula as our permanently
attached wall  system ‘Black Hole Acoustics’tm  mounted absorbers.
One box for a small room, two boxes for a meeting room sized for
25 persons, three boxes for a meeting room sized for 50 persons,
four boxes for a meeting room sized for 100 persons, and one box
more for every 50 persons after that. Remember, it’s the capacity of
the room not how many are in it at the time your treating for.

When? Right now! You’re wasting time on really bad and
unintelligible sound. You don’t need to any longer now that
Acoustics in a Box’s “Portable Acoustics System” is here!

One Box has one stand and four absorbers in it for only $715!!
Easily Portable to the Location - Folds out from a small
box - Hangs on a high stand - controls a room for a time -
then back into the box and back into storage again!
  1" Acoustical Baffle Test

125Hz = .52    250Hz = .78
500Hz = 1.93  1000Hz =
2000 = 1.77    4000Hz =
               NRC 1.60